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It is perfectly designed to go with your V2 cartridges, ensuring that you can fill them up and have the best e-smoking experience.This liquid can be used to fill V2 blank or flavored cartridges and refilling cartridges, rather than always buying new ones, and it is a wonderful way to cut the cost of your smoking. 1ml of e-liquid is usually all that is required to refill a cartridge: an equivalent of 20 drops. This means that each bottle you buy can refill around ten cartridges, with each refilled cartridge costing less than $1. You can save money while you enjoy the taste and experience of e-smoking, and because each blank cartridge can be reused five times, the overall savings really add up. Using V2 Platinum E-Liquid is also a more environmentally friendly option than needlessly buying new cartridges when your old ones could easily be refilled.At a cost of just $9.95 per bottle, this economical, flavorful and pleasurable e-liquid is a really great addition to V2 Cigs Coupon Code any smoker's e-cig collection.

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